Seismic lines: restoration prioritization
Restoration and conservation prioritization of linear exploratory corridors (seismic lines) in the northern boreal forests of Alberta
Northern Alberta, Canada
Graduate Student
M.Sc. (Conservation Biology) (2012-2014)
Status: Completed, Study ran 2012-2014, completed successfully.

Cassidy is investigating factors at the site, stand and landscape scales that enhance forest regeneration after a linear disturbance. Forest clearing for the placement of linear oil and gas exploratory corridors (seismic lines) is becoming increasingly common throughout the northern boreal forests of Alberta. While some of these linear corridors are regenerating, the majority remain in a stable state of arrested forest succession. She will determine which factors (i.e. history (age), terrain features, ecosite, canopy cover) are most important to recovering linear corridors to their historical successional trajectory and develop statistical and spatial models to both predict recovery and prescribe silvicultural treatments following disturbance. The outcome will be a suite of user-friendly GIS tools to assist land and wildlife management and industry. In addition, Cassidy will spatially prioritize conservation both locally and across the landscape in order to rebuild the natural structure and function of Alberta's boreal forest. Co-supervised by Dr. Vic Lieffers.