Primates of Columbia's Orinoco Basin
Status of primate populations in the Northeastern Colombian Orinoco Basin, South America
Colombia, South America
Graduate Student
M.Sc. (Conservation Biology) (2011-2016)
Status: Completed, Study ran 2011-2015, completed successfully.

Claudia C. is studying the status of primate populations in natural reserves with different conservation levels in the Northeastern Colombian Orinoco basin. This region is characterized by a high rate of habitat transformation and little is known about plant and animal communities. She expects to confirm the presence of three primate species and generate novel information about night monkey population densities, knowledge that is essential for clarifying its geographic distribution. This species is probably endemic to Colombia and considered vulnerable by the International Union for Conservation of Nature IUCN. Additionally, results from her study will provide critical knowledge about the adaptability of primate species to habitat disturbances in the region and their responses to habitat recovery due to activities of reforestation that have been implemented in the region. Claudia's study will be part of the research activities outlined in a memorandum of understanding signed between the University of Alberta and La Pedregoza Natural Reserve in Colombia ( The initiative seeks to strengthen the research capacity of graduate students in both Canada and Colombia.

Claudia's M.Sc. thesis can be found here.