Grizzly bears: bioenergetics
Photo: Clayton Lamb
A grizzly bear spotted on an ATV trail in the Canadian Rocky Mountains.
Individual-based models linking behaviour and impacts of development on grizzly bear (Ursus arctos) populations in Alberta
Alberta & British Columbia
Graduate Student
Ph.D. (Wildlife Ecology) (2008-2014)
Status: Completed, Study ran 2008 to 2014, completed successfully.

Claudia L. is studying the behaviour and population ecology of grizzly bears in Alberta using individual (agent)-based modeling with the intent of guiding population recovery actions. Estimating recovery targets, however, will necessitate information about spatial and temporal patterns food resources, animal health (size/body condition, age of first reproduction, etc.) and carrying capacity. Claudia will be developing spatially-explicit models to integrate foraging and movement behaviours, animal body condition and demography. Such models will facilitate scenario modeling of population size, range recovery potential, and evaluation of possible impacts of industrial resource development (forest harvesting, oil & gas exploration, coal mining, etc.). This research is part of the Foothills Research Institute's Grizzly Bear Project.