Ant community ecology
Community ecology of ants (Hymenoptera: Formicidae) on semi-forested sand hills of Alberta
Southern Alberta, Canada
Graduate Student
M.Sc. (Conservation Biology) (2008-2012)
Status: Completed, Study ran 2008-2012, completed successfully.

James is studying the ant community of semi-stabilized and stabilized dunes near Edmonton, which represent open pine forest communities (jack pine barrens and woodlands) that are rare in the region relative to the more common aspen parkland and boreal forests. As with any pine-dominated ecosystem, particularly under these highly xeric conditions, fire is an important agent of renewal and long-term sustainability of fire-adapted species. As luck would have it, a large fire burned one study site in early May of 2009 facilitating the examination of post-fire ant community dynamics. Co-supervised by John Acorn.