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Journal Articles
Lamb, C.T., Mowat, G., McLellan, B.N., Nielsen, S.E. & Boutin, S. 2017. Forbidden fruit: human settlement and abundant fruit create an ecological trap for an apex omnivore. Journal of Animal Ecology 86(1): 55–65.
Cuti, S., Jensen, W.F., Nielsen, S.E. & Boyce, M.S. 2015. Predicting mule deer recruitment from climate oscillations for harvest management on the northern Great Plains. Journal of Wildlife Management 79(8): 1226–1238.
Shafer A.B.A., Nielsen S.E., Northrup J.M. & Stenhouse G.B. 2014. Linking genotype, ecotype, and phenotype in an intensively managed large carnivore. Evolutionary Applications 7(2): 301-312.
Nielsen S.E., Cattet M.R.L., Boulanger J., Cranston J., McDermid G.J., Shafer A.B.A., Stenhouse G.B. 2013. Environmental, biological and anthropogenic effects on grizzly bear body size: temporal and spatial considerations. BMC Ecology 13: 31.
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Research Reports
Rovang, S.B. 2013. Factors affecting the detectability and eastern distribution of grizzly bears in Alberta, Canada. M.Sc. Thesis, University of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.