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Journal Articles
Sheppard, A.H.C., Hecker, L.J., Edwards, M.A. & Nielsen, S.E. 2021. Determining the influence of snow and temperature on the movement rates of wood bison (Bison bison athabascae). Canadian Journal of Zoology 99: 489–496.
Laskin, D.N., McDermid, G.J., Nielsen, S.E., Marshall, S.J., Roberts, D.R. & Montaghi, A. 2019. Advances in phenology are conserved across scale in present and future climates. Nature Climate Change 9:419–425.
Nijland W., Coops N.C., Coogan S.C.P., Bater C.W., Wulder M.A., Nielsen S.E., McDermid G. & Stenhouse G.B. 2013. Vegetation phenology can be captured with digital repeat photography and linked to variability of root nutrition in Hedysarum alpinum. Applied Vegetation Science 16(2): 317–324.
Coogan S.C.P., Nielsen S.E. & Stenhouse G.B. 2012. Spatial and temporal heterogeneity creates a "brown tide" in root phenology and nutrition. ISRN Ecology, Article ID 618257: 1-10.
Coops N.C., Hilker T., Bater C.W., Wulder M.A., Nielsen S.E., McDermid G. & Stenhouse G. 2012. Linking ground-based to satellite derived phenological metrics in support of habitat assessment. Remote Sensing Letters 3(3): 191-200.
Bater C.W., Coops N.C., Wulder M.A., Hilker T., Nielsen S.E., McDermid G. & Stenhouse G.B. 2011. Using digital time-lapse cameras to monitor species-specific understorey and overstorey phenology in support of wildlife habitat assessment. Environmental Monitoring & Assessment 180: 1-13.
Bater C.W., Coops N.C., Wulder M.A., Nielsen S.E., McDermid G. & Stenhouse G.B. 2011. Design and installation of a camera network across an elevation gradient for habitat assessment. Instrumentation Science & Technology 39: 231-247.
Munro R.H.M., Nielsen S.E., Price M.H., Stenhouse G.B. & Boyce M.S. 2006. Seasonal and diel patterns of grizzly bear diet and activity in west-central Alberta. Journal of Mammalogy 87: 1112-1121.
Nielsen S.E., Boyce M.S., Stenhouse G.B. & Munro R.H.M. 2003. Development and testing of phenologically driven grizzly bear habitat models. Ecoscience 10: 1-10.
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Research Reports
Hecker, L.J., Dewart, L.T., Epperson, D., Edwards, M.A. & Nielsen, S.E. 2019. Ronald Lake Wood Bison Research Program: 2019 Annual Report. Report to the Ronald Lake Bison Herd Technical Team, January 22, 2020. University of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada T6G 2H1, 46 pp.