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Franklin, C.M.A., Nielsen, S.E. & Macdonald, S.E. 2019. Understory vascular plant responses to retention harvesting with and without prescribed fire. Canadian Journal of Forest Research (in press).
Coogan, S.C.P., Coops, N.C., Janz, D.M., Cattet, M.R.L., Kearney, S.P., Stenhouse, G.B. & Nielsen, S.E. 2019. Towards grizzly bear population recovery in a modern landscape. Journal of Applied Ecology 56(1):93-99.
Xing, D., Nielsen, S.E., Macdonald, S.E., Spence, J.R., He, F. 2018. Survival and growth of residual trees in a variable retention harvest experiment in a boreal mixedwood forest. Forest Ecology and Management 411: 187-194.
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